#TBT ~ Exposed Art

We got some good 'ol Exposed Art for ya'll.

Shefali's Pick

(Author's sidenote: We received feedback at our last open mic that blogs can be "annoying" and yea I KNOW, but it gives me an excuse to write about my opinions and emotions so honestly I don't care if you read this. UNLESS you do for some reason and you love it. In which case wow thanks this was meant for you! I WILL sign that book deal!! Oh a movie script contract?! Wow. AN OSCAR. I'd like to thank the Academy.)

Garry Winogrand

I love the way Winogrand depicts people, especially women, and everyday life. There definitely can be a creepiness to male photography of the female figure (any depiction of women through the male gaze) and he is definitely guilty of it from time to time, but I do really enjoy the voyeuristic feel that all of his photographs seem to have. They always feel like they are exposing something about their subject and that you are getting clued in on something personal. Winogrand also always seems to know how to bring out the absurd.

Rebecca's Pick

Jenny Holzer

I'm a sucker for conceptual art and a sucker for words/ language as art, thus I am a sucker for the work of Jenny Holzer. A feminist artist from the same camp as Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman (who you already know I love), she's known for displaying antagonistic catchphrases, essays, and more recently, leaked government documents in public spaces on a grand scale with posters, projections, and LED light displays.

 What makes her work so interrogating is that she's making political statements, cynical-but-cheeky commentary, and exposing the ills of society through media that are typically used to display either the mundane (time and temperature) or the overtly capitalist (advertisements). Seeing her work instead of what we're used seeing in these spaces is first jarring, and then thought provoking. It's alienating because there's no context for her words, yet it's literally accessible by everyone on the street. I don't care for public displays of affection, but I'm always in favor of public displays of subversion.