#TBT ~ Exposed Music

Music! It's vulnerable, political, emotional, and sometimes Bruce Willis and Kiefer Sutherland think they can dabble in it (by the way-- no thanks guys, we're good)! Today Rebecca and Shefali discuss songs they associate with the word "exposed." 

Rebecca's Pick

Chinatown - Girlpool

From the stripped down sound of just two guitars and two harmonizing voices, Girlpool's Chinatown leaves a lot exposed. Add in Harmony Trividad and Cleo Tucker's lyrics about feeling uncertain in life, nervous about the future, and expressing love ("I love you" can mean different things!), and you have an emotionally raw song that's relatable. When I first heard it in the parking lot of a Stop & Shop on Long Island shortly after I had moved back home I felt like I myself had been exposed, and it was honestly jarring. They were singing about their own experiences, but had managed to aptly capture my existential confusion. Yes, I have cut my hair when I'm feeling out of place! Yes I feel restless when I realize I'm alive! How did they know?! 

Now when I hear the song it's like pressing on a bruise. It hurts a little, but in a good way. It took an otherwise banal memory of going grocery shopping for parents and turned it into a representation of the weird combination of comfort and itchiness that came with moving back home.

Shefali's Pick

Enchanted - Taylor Swift

I don’t know what it is about this song, but it always takes me back to my darkest timeline: 6th-8th grade. I don’t really want to get into the whole do you or do you not like Taylor Swift debate because honestly we’ll be here forever. I still don’t know. But this song majorly shook me in the 10th grade. I never really was that into Taylor Swift in the early days so when my friend made me a mix CD with this on it, I was like “really? Why?”

And then I listened to it and it perfectly encapsulated this horribly wonderful feeling that I felt in middle school. Ya’ll will probably be like “wow what a stereotypical girly thing”, but to me it's more like a “wow what a stupid thing that girls have been programmed to think”, but basically I could not stop thinking about boys and crushes in middle school.

But like not in the same way as most people. Most people had crushes, but I had like MEGA crushes. First of all, to give context, I had never spoken to these boys. I just knew them from afar. But somehow these crushes were so bad to the point of where I couldn’t think of anything else in class. It was so bad I’d be sitting there in class and I couldn’t actually focus on my studies because my hormones were exploding out of my body (literally and figuratively).

I became so obsessed with crushes and finding someone, despite how much my parents taught me that I didn’t need that. It was so strange because on the outside I was definitely putting off this image of being a studious, nerdy girl, but on the inside ALL I wanted was to love someone. But I was so awkward and needed to shower more and had no idea how to talk to boys.

When I heard this song in 10th grade, years after the fact it triggered me. Hearing her talk about seeing someone across the room and that soul crushing hope you have wondering if that person is thinking about you or worse likes someone else. It brought me right back to that feeling that I had been trying to suppress for years and although the song was hopeful it really brought me back to the devastation I felt that I couldn’t talk to these people that I was so attracted to.

The part of the song that really kills me is the part where the song gets soft at the bridge and she sings “please don’t be in love with someone else.” But I love that I can connect to this song in this way. I really don’t mean to be such a downer. I hope ya’ll can listen to this song and relate to it. Crushes can be really fun and hopeful! And I hope for some people listening to this song makes you feel special or think of someone special and not of devastation and loneliness.