TWENTY Season 2 Premiere

Our good friends over at Twenty: A Webseries have just released their second season premiere!!! This season promises to be even more complex and exciting than the last so subscribe to their channel for new episodes every Monday!

'Three's a Crowd' Webseries Pilot

LateHW Submission today: 'Three's a Crowd' Webseries Pilot by Monisha Dadlani.

Logline: After two girls “accidentally” kill their roommate in a rogue dishwater accident, they cover up her death to stay in their cozy, rent-controlled apartment.

"I've been trying to put together a good statement relating to 'homage,' but to be completely honest, I wrote this webseries because I've had some frustrating moments with roommates throughout the years and instead of killing them with their dirty dishes in real life, I wrote a webseries about it.

It's a dark comedic series about roommates and passive aggressive murder and female friendship. 

We've filmed the pilot and are now looking towards getting funding to film the rest of the series" (MD).

Check out Three's a Crowd's Facebook and Trailer.

Musical Corner #2

Musical Corner is back with its second installment (You can check out their first video here)--An homage to last months theme Light & Dark. Okay so this is really just very late homework, but moving on...the concert once again features Natalie Reilley (Violin), Luke Mahoney (Vocals, Piano), Alex Morand (Vocals, Guitar), and Shefali Vasudevan (Vocals, Ukulele). 

“This time around Natalie, Luke, Alex, and I discussed the theme of Light & Dark and came up with an idea of songs that all had to do with one night--from stumbling home after a drunken encounter (Sometime Around Midnight), to falling asleep and having both sweet and turbulent dreams (Sweet Dreams & Dreams), to waking up and getting to start anew (Blue Skies/Wake Up).

We then talked with our Production Designer, Jocelyn Lee, and came up with the bedside theme (and PJs) and worked with D.P., Haley Kreofsky, to decide on the lighting set ups for the different times of the night. So with that, we invite you to stay up all night with us—through drunk encounters, sweet dreams, and blue skies, we hope you enjoy Musical Corner #2!" - Director/Producer, Shefali Vasudevan

Watch the four part Musical Corner #2 playlist below.

Featured Songs:

"Sometime Around Midnight" (The Airborne Toxic Event)

"Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics)

"Dreams" (Fleetwood Mac)

"Blue Skies" (Noah and the Whale)

"Wake Up" (Arcade Fire)


Check out more of Shefali's videos on her YouTube & Vimeo. Also, check out Haley's Vimeo for her Cinematography Reel and Jocelyn's website for her Paper and Set Design.

Sketchpool Episode #1

Late HW today: Episode #1 of "Sketchpool" by Chandler Kilgore-Parshall.

Artist Statement: "Sketchpool" is a comedy collaborative that is 1 part "HitRecord on TV," 50% SNL and a wish on a rabbit's foot. When moving to Los Angeles in 2016, writer/producer Chandler Kilgore-Parshall wanted to collaborate with old friends and new talent in the industry. And laughter is the best medicine of anything and everything!

By offering a theme or premise (that sounds familiar), Chandler and a team of writers go through script submissions and pitches that would be production-ready. It almost becomes a democratic process of what works and what can be shelved for the future. Afterwards, Chandler puts together cast and crews for sketches that have been "green-lit." You can also submit previous work to be shown on the show!

Within Episode One are four unique and creative sketches and a standup showcase that demonstrate the humor and quality of LA's rising stars. From The Eskimo Sisters to Comedian Monique Thomas to Overpopulated Peninsula, SKETCHPOOL WILL BE MAKING SPLASHES IN 2018! 

Got an idea for a sketch? They can help you make it! Contact to receive a comic consultation.

Stone Irr

LateHW today: Music Video "In the Rain" by Stone Irr !

"I wanted my friend Hugh to take the artist lead of directing this video. He really loved the track and decided to hone in on the uneasiness and discomfort expressed in the lyrics. So what better way to do that than have a mannequin follow you around while wearing the same clothes as you?" -SI

Check Stone Irr out on Spotify, Facebook, and Bandcamp.

Requiem Fo Dat A$$ | A Holy Child Halloween Special

LateHW Today: "Requiem Fo Dat A$$ | A Holy Child Halloween Special" a spooky music video collaboration between Holy Child and Primrose Path Productions.


We also have an exclusive interview with Primrose Path Productions (director: Savannah Power) and Holy Child:

What was The Holy Child’s inspiration for the song? What was Primrose Path Production’s vision for the music video and how much collaboration was involved with this creation?

PPP: The Holy Child came to me with the idea of doing a 1930s Dracula movie-inspired video with some hints of voodoo mixed in. I immediately loved the idea and through discussions we discovered the plot of Dracula luring a young woman (Johanna) to his lair with the help of his henchmen. I watched the old Dracula film again and tried to incorporate some of its elements into our film, while still giving it a modern realist twist. My biggest contribution to the film I think was the idea of the wedding scene at the end, I just really wanted that POV shot coming down the aisle before the end reveal. We originally had them marrying at the end and that was it – no twist! But we all felt kind of icky about letting this poor damsel fall into Dracula’s hands so easily. It was actually Robert the lead singer who came up with the idea for the twist ending which I LOVED and immediately adopted.

HC: The song was a group collaboration, one that is pretty equally written between band members and their parts in the song. This also being the first song written in this manner with the current line up for musicians (Robert, Johanna, Ferny, Anthony, and Zeke). The song having its own creepy tone, inspired the lyrics (written by Robert) to relish in a ghoulish storytelling of his own character. Once written, music video ideas started pouring out, and as soon as a music video was suggested to Savannah (Primrose Path Productions) she was able to pick up on exactly what we were envisioning and the creative flow began.

2. We love the addition of the close up of the girl’s fist clenching the keys, very relatable and that along with other elements (that we don’t want to spoil) elevate this from the typical “I’m checking this girl out” theme by making her a little smarter than the typical horror protagonist. What inspired this? Without spoiling the ending did you guys put any other elements that fit this idea of realism in a fantastical story?

HC: The music video idea is inspired by the 1934 film Dracula, but with our own 21st century twist. We didn't feel right about a "damsel in distress" situation. 

PPP: Trigger Warning: I know I said this already, but I’m extremely glad you commented on that particular shot. The key shot is an externalization of what I call “rape fear” which is something that most women constantly have nagging at them as they walk home at night, go places alone, go running etc. I included this specific image in the video to recognize that this fantasy story isn’t so far removed from our natural world and that this horror is in fact, real. I’ve also had several men ask me since this came out what the deal with the keys was and that in of itself is proof that we still need to have more dialogue about women’s experience of rape culture. Not only did I want her to be smarter than the average damsel, but I wanted her character to be an echo chamber for women everywhere; wanted women to feel represented and empowered as she battles Dracula like a badass.

4. How did you guys decide on lighting and the stylistic choice of going black and white? 

PPP: I think most people have a soft spot for old Hollywood films and sometimes I think it’s nice to pay tribute in a sense to all the creations that have come before us; the black and white 4:3 choice is symbolic of both of those themes for me.

HC: We wanted to keep it feeling like an old horror film.

5. I love how the song builds and gets more and more chaotic? How did you guys decide on the crazier bits where these epic guitar solos are happening/the world seems to be spinning around her to elevate the story?

PPP: Pretty early on we decided that the breakdown Latin section would be associated in the video with the “trance” that Dracula’s bite puts our damsel into. The fun part of that for me was in the editing, and trying to make the video escalate the same smooth way the music does!

HC: Writing a song is a lot like writing a story; with an intro, climax, and conclusion. The crazier bits came about from our collective and eclectic musical backgrounds that span many cultures and genres. 

6. Clearly this was inspired by classic horror films-- what’s your favorite horror movie?

PPP: Hmm that’s a tough one…I think I’m going to go with “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” which is fitting for this conversation as well…

HC: Honestly, we are not super into horror films, and are a buncha scaredy cats. It wasn't about a love for horror as much as a love for old hollywood style classic movies with bombastic props and unreal scenes. 

7. Thoughts on Twilight as a representation of vampires? 

PPP: No comment…

HC: Glitter wasn't in the budget. 

8. Is there a specific a$$ that inspired the title to this song?

HC: Robert (the singer/Dracula) is married to Johanna (keyboardist/damsel) and he went about telling the story of falling in love with her through the eyes of a crazed animalistic character. 

PPP: I think we all know it’s Johanna ;)


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