"Healing" Music Video by Lance Montgomery

Today’s Late HW is a Music Video by director Lance Montgomery entitled, “Healing”. Watch it below!

“Long story short, my friend (a music artist, Yale '17 grad) recently experienced the loss of his Aunt. He made a touching song called ‘Healing’ that we recently turned into a music film project! The story is about a young man on a journey to ‘hike the mountain of grief,’ and contains a message that is relatable and real.” - Lance

Check out more of Lance’s work on his Website, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Female Gaze Web Series

Co-founder, Shefali Vasudevan, has just released the first two episode of her web series on YouTube entitled The Female Gaze.

“‘The Female Gaze’ follows the lives of two girls in their 20s trying to navigate modern life and love—all filmed from the perspective of the women. ‘The Male Gaze’ is so often talked about in the industry that we thought we’d try and flip the script and also draw reference from Romantic Comedies and Dramas. The main focus, however, remains to be about the female friendship between Jen and Priya that becomes the center of the show,” -Shefali

Watch the first two episode below and subscribe to The Female Gaze’s YouTube for new episodes every Sunday!

Episode 1 “First Time”

“In this episode I wanted to pay homage to the classic ‘man following the girl’ trope used in Romantic Comedies and how this is considered romantic—when in reality its a lot creepier then you think. In this episode we have Jen following Andy, but its really just to tell him that she has feelings for him," - Shefali

Episode 2 “F**kboy”

“This episode at its heart is also about a girl liking a boy. But rumors and pride make Priya (played by myself) and Jerome's moment a little more complicated then Jen and Andy's. I think what's important in this scene is the bold decisions Priya makes and sticks by,” -Shefali

Follow The Female Gaze at the social media links below:





“Shefali faithfully captures the important role that friendships play in many young women’s lives, however complicated they may be. Navigating the waters of both romantic and platonic love, The Female Gaze is heartfelt, funny, and relatable!! It’s been inspiring to watch Shefali create this series and empower other female filmmakers in our community in the process. You’re gonna love it! “ - Rebecca Todaro

TWENTY Season 2 Premiere

Our good friends over at Twenty: A Webseries have just released their second season premiere!!! This season promises to be even more complex and exciting than the last so subscribe to their channel for new episodes every Monday!

'Three's a Crowd' Webseries Pilot

LateHW Submission today: 'Three's a Crowd' Webseries Pilot by Monisha Dadlani.

Logline: After two girls “accidentally” kill their roommate in a rogue dishwater accident, they cover up her death to stay in their cozy, rent-controlled apartment.

"I've been trying to put together a good statement relating to 'homage,' but to be completely honest, I wrote this webseries because I've had some frustrating moments with roommates throughout the years and instead of killing them with their dirty dishes in real life, I wrote a webseries about it.

It's a dark comedic series about roommates and passive aggressive murder and female friendship. 

We've filmed the pilot and are now looking towards getting funding to film the rest of the series" (MD).

Check out Three's a Crowd's Facebook and Trailer.

Musical Corner #2

Musical Corner is back with its second installment (You can check out their first video here)--An homage to last months theme Light & Dark. Okay so this is really just very late homework, but moving on...the concert once again features Natalie Reilley (Violin), Luke Mahoney (Vocals, Piano), Alex Morand (Vocals, Guitar), and Shefali Vasudevan (Vocals, Ukulele). 

“This time around Natalie, Luke, Alex, and I discussed the theme of Light & Dark and came up with an idea of songs that all had to do with one night--from stumbling home after a drunken encounter (Sometime Around Midnight), to falling asleep and having both sweet and turbulent dreams (Sweet Dreams & Dreams), to waking up and getting to start anew (Blue Skies/Wake Up).

We then talked with our Production Designer, Jocelyn Lee, and came up with the bedside theme (and PJs) and worked with D.P., Haley Kreofsky, to decide on the lighting set ups for the different times of the night. So with that, we invite you to stay up all night with us—through drunk encounters, sweet dreams, and blue skies, we hope you enjoy Musical Corner #2!" - Director/Producer, Shefali Vasudevan

Watch the four part Musical Corner #2 playlist below.

Featured Songs:

"Sometime Around Midnight" (The Airborne Toxic Event)

"Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics)

"Dreams" (Fleetwood Mac)

"Blue Skies" (Noah and the Whale)

"Wake Up" (Arcade Fire)


Check out more of Shefali's videos on her YouTube & Vimeo. Also, check out Haley's Vimeo for her Cinematography Reel and Jocelyn's website for her Paper and Set Design.

Sketchpool Episode #1

Late HW today: Episode #1 of "Sketchpool" by Chandler Kilgore-Parshall.

Artist Statement: "Sketchpool" is a comedy collaborative that is 1 part "HitRecord on TV," 50% SNL and a wish on a rabbit's foot. When moving to Los Angeles in 2016, writer/producer Chandler Kilgore-Parshall wanted to collaborate with old friends and new talent in the industry. And laughter is the best medicine of anything and everything!

By offering a theme or premise (that sounds familiar), Chandler and a team of writers go through script submissions and pitches that would be production-ready. It almost becomes a democratic process of what works and what can be shelved for the future. Afterwards, Chandler puts together cast and crews for sketches that have been "green-lit." You can also submit previous work to be shown on the show!

Within Episode One are four unique and creative sketches and a standup showcase that demonstrate the humor and quality of LA's rising stars. From The Eskimo Sisters to Comedian Monique Thomas to Overpopulated Peninsula, SKETCHPOOL WILL BE MAKING SPLASHES IN 2018! 

Got an idea for a sketch? They can help you make it! Contact sketchpoolla@gmail.com to receive a comic consultation.