Our featured film this week is a short by Pamela Mora. Enjoy~


"Ephemeral is an art installation short about a post grad artist who struggles to find her own style. She starts collaborating with her avant garde art professor and as their relationship evolves, so does her art. However, progress comes to a halt when he abruptly abandons the project.

Ephemeral is about not being artistically dependent off people, styles, or teaching methods. At first Linda leans on how she was taught, then she leans on her teacher… It takes pulling the rug out from underneath for her to find her own. 

I wanted to explore themes of abandonment and grief, which aren’t always understandable from the outside looking in. It can feel like relationships aren’t real if there’s no 'proof': no dates, no photos, no Facebook presence, and not much happening physically."

- Pamela Mora