Featured Late Homework today: The short film "Sadie" by Haley Kreofsky. Check it out here! (password: imagine) 

"When I was 7 years old, my dad died of cancer and my mom went back to school to get her Masters Degree. Looking back at my childhood I felt that I lost part of that childhood innocence and wished I could see the world in a magical light again. The original concept was a child that loses her imagination because I love how that contradicted itself. I had images in my head of what was happening but I didn’t have any words for them. Slowly the script wrote it self and slowly developed into an ambiguous story about growing up," Haley Kreofsky.

Bio: Haley Kreofsky is an aspiring cinematographer that slowly fell into film. She started out working as a grip on student sets and realized she wanted to be behind camera because that’s where the magic happened. It combined two things she loved, images and light. Haley has been taking photographs since she was 15 and has a deep love for film photography.