A short by the wonderful Evan Yee, in which a couple awaits the results of a pregnancy test.

"With Kids I wanted to explore the tension two characters could create on their own without any camera movement or editing. Through movement, the rhythm of their speech, and some well placed phone calls, I hope that feeling came across." -EY

Evan Yee is a director/cinematographer currently based in Los Angeles. A long love of creating imaginary worlds and playing with cameras became a passion for filmmaking when watching YouTube and realizing that Asian Americans could also be filmmakers. His senior thesis film at Emerson College Buying Bouquets has played at film festivals in California and New Jersey. After several months of serving as the director of photography for short films, commercials, and music videos, he looks forward to wrapping up his two latest short films in post production.  

You can find more of Evan's work on his Vimeo page.