"Healing" Music Video by Lance Montgomery

Today’s Late HW is a Music Video by director Lance Montgomery entitled, “Healing”. Watch it below!

“Long story short, my friend (a music artist, Yale '17 grad) recently experienced the loss of his Aunt. He made a touching song called ‘Healing’ that we recently turned into a music film project! The story is about a young man on a journey to ‘hike the mountain of grief,’ and contains a message that is relatable and real.” - Lance

Check out more of Lance’s work on his Website, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Female Gaze Web Series

Co-founder, Shefali Vasudevan, has just released the first two episode of her web series on YouTube entitled The Female Gaze.

“‘The Female Gaze’ follows the lives of two girls in their 20s trying to navigate modern life and love—all filmed from the perspective of the women. ‘The Male Gaze’ is so often talked about in the industry that we thought we’d try and flip the script and also draw reference from Romantic Comedies and Dramas. The main focus, however, remains to be about the female friendship between Jen and Priya that becomes the center of the show,” -Shefali

Watch the first two episode below and subscribe to The Female Gaze’s YouTube for new episodes every Sunday!

Episode 1 “First Time”

“In this episode I wanted to pay homage to the classic ‘man following the girl’ trope used in Romantic Comedies and how this is considered romantic—when in reality its a lot creepier then you think. In this episode we have Jen following Andy, but its really just to tell him that she has feelings for him," - Shefali

Episode 2 “F**kboy”

“This episode at its heart is also about a girl liking a boy. But rumors and pride make Priya (played by myself) and Jerome's moment a little more complicated then Jen and Andy's. I think what's important in this scene is the bold decisions Priya makes and sticks by,” -Shefali

Follow The Female Gaze at the social media links below:





“Shefali faithfully captures the important role that friendships play in many young women’s lives, however complicated they may be. Navigating the waters of both romantic and platonic love, The Female Gaze is heartfelt, funny, and relatable!! It’s been inspiring to watch Shefali create this series and empower other female filmmakers in our community in the process. You’re gonna love it! “ - Rebecca Todaro

Jackie O. - First Gen

Happy Friday! We’re excited to share with you a fantastic instagram series created by Jackie O! She explains below:

“I started an Instagram soundbite series called First Gen, which explores the lives and stories of First Generation Americans - Navigating American identity and what it means to be ‘American.’

It’s very early in its inception, but I am hoping to do a series monthly, which focuses on a central topic that asks 3 questions around that central topic. There is then an open submission period for First Gen-ers to submit their soundbites and answers to each question to me via email. I then edit the soundbites and create animated text versions of their answers.”

Check out these episodes from her first season surrounding the topic of Thanksgiving on Instagram!

1/3 Traditions: 


2/3 The Spread:




Want to get involved? Jackie is now accepting submissions for her second season surrounding the topic “Childhood.” If you are a first generation American interested in contributing to Jackie’s project, follow the instructions below!


Don’t forget to follow @otherjackieo on instagram for updates regarding the series! <3

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal - Poetry

More Protest! poetry by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal. Enjoy!

Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the trigger is easy

when one’s mind is wild

and the shot gets the wild

one’s thoughts off his chest.

Innocents bite the dust.

Kindness is not enough.

The minister’s words won’t

bring the widow’s man back.

He tries his best to console.


Who said owning a gun is

a right?  This weapon should

be given up.  There should

be no more bullets made.

A heart cannot repel them.


Draw your own conclusions.

This is your world and mine.

No More 

Spring into action to end

this disillusionment of

hate pumped into the veins

of this country. Who feels

the absence of common

sense? This terrible voice

that is blind to humanity

and decency wishes to

make a wall of hate.


Ladies and gentlemen,

there is only one solution.

We come to the polls in

droves because life as we

hope should be will be

no more. With this next

vote, we can end the hate.


We have all been

socked in the mouth

and in the stomach.


We have all been

kicked in the balls

and in the ass.


The world is about

to be torn apart

and upside down.


Still we need to

remain vigilant

and with open eyes.


This is not a

time to let down.

We need to rise.


Luis was born in Mexico, lives in California, and works in the mental health field in Los Angeles. He is the author of Raw Materials (Pygmy Forest Press), Make the Light Mine (Kendra Steiner Editions), Before and Well After Midnight (Deadbeat Press), The Book of Absurd Dreams (New Polish Beat), Peering Into the Sun (Poets Democracy), Songs for Oblivion (Alternating Current Press), and Everything Is Permitted (Ten Pages Press).  Here is a review for his book, Peering Into the Sun: http://poetsdemocracy.com/reviews.html

Emily Bateman - Collage and Playlist

Protest! Collage and Playlist today by Emily Bateman.

Scan 1.jpeg

“Protests come in many shapes and sizes. This playlist chronicles those who have come before us and fought for our voices, in every degree. Let these songs get you loud, get you mad--your voice matters!” - EB

“This is also in many ways a response to a playlist I made after the 2016 Election.” - EB

Protest! - Poetry by Linda M. Crate

First submission for our new theme Protest!: Poetry by Linda M. Crate. Take a read below!


human beings not property

i protest

all these chains and ribbons

every gilded cage

be damned

women are not your property

nor do we owe you

a thing for our


and i am tired of everyone acting


i am tired of men who will never

know what it is to be pregnant

making decisions

over our bodies instead of allowing us

to make choices in our own lives—

never will they know

the mother that is wrestling

with the choice of saving her life

or having the child she always


or the girl who was raped and cannot

endure the idea of having the child that was

forced upon her body,

nor the woman who needs birth control

simply to regulate her body so

her body doesn't feel as if it is killing her

in a flow of pain and blood

they'll never have to endure;

we are not who we are because of our relationships

to the men in our lives

we are someone independently

it's more than high time we're treated like

human beings instead of property.


bones and marrow

they want profits, i only want to live; i want to achieve my dreams and help the other dreamers off their knees because the nightmares we endure are so useless and meaningless—all the obstacles we've been jumping over aren't necessary, but no one cares about you when you are poor; it's always held against you like a character flaw—it's no crime to be rich, though, to be greedy; to extort your neighbor and kill your friend and that makes no sense to me—i don't want to live in a world so ugly and so evil, i was born to smash the masks of these false prophets; i refuse to accept them and their crimes against humanity—there is no greater good, one person suffering is unacceptable; i am tired of people thinking it's okay should one person suffer for the rest of us—who are you to demand a sacrificial lamb or hero? who are you to decide your life matters more? i respect no one who thinks they're superior to anyone else, we all matter, we all bleed the same, we all have hopes and dreams, and we all want to live; and damn anyone who would take the lives from our bones and marrow before our time.


more than money

you're no better than those you attempt to strip the humanity from, you are no better than the disabled and injured; you are no better than the lgbtq community you so despise, your religion makes you superior to none, and your path isn't the only path to walk; i am so tired of children in cages and immigrants being treated like animals when people wouldn't even treat their pets in such an evil way—you cannot tell me that you are for humanity when you are so cruel to other human beings, and i am so exhausted of the ugliness people spew at one another; we have the ability to lift one another up with our deeds and our words—so why are these wounded hearts being ignored and swept under the rug? why is puerto rico still struggling? why are their deaths not being taken seriously? i protest all the ugliness in this world, i protest the apathy of mankind, i protest cruelty of any kind; i will shatter these nightmares and monsters until only light can pour through and everyone can know the mark of kindness upon their souls—because so many people struggle and suffer in silence, so many people die without being remembered, we have no right to forget them; i refuse to let them go, i refuse to let them be numbers instead of faces and names and hearts—if anyone must be caged then let it be the evil men who would put a price on a human life because we are all worth much more than any sum of money could give us.


we're not insects

you cannot stop me

i will rise

no matter what


i am not

a mild, timid creature

locked in a cage


i am a wild, fierce

raven ready

for war;


not the type of woman

who you can put upon a pedestal

or house in a normal life—


you cannot stop me

with all your lies, all your delusions

you won't contain me;


not a piece of meat or your


we're not going to stop fighting


until women are seen

as people

i am not going to be talked over



because an opinion of a man

is not worth more than that of a woman—


not going to go away

just because you're tired of hearing our voices,

don't you think we're exhausted


fighting for our lives?

you would sweep us underneath the rug,

but we're not insects you'll crush.


"good men"

i protest

hearing you're

a good man


they don't know

you tried to

rape me


when i was a girl

because i blamed myself

sometimes i still do,


but i know

it wasn't my fault;

told you no


yet somehow my voice

didn't matter—

is that because women


don't matter to you?

pick that up from a movie

or tv show or book?


i am more than my sexuality,

and my body;

i have a heart, soul, and dreams


my dreams won't be

crushed because

of good men.


Linda M. Crate is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville. Her poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. She has four published chapbooks A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn (Fowlpox Press - June 2013), Less Than A Man (The Camel Saloon - January 2014), If Tomorrow Never Comes (Scars Publications, August 2016), and My Wings Were Made to Fly (Flutter Press, September 2017). Her fantasy novel Blood & Magic was published in March 2015. The second novel of this series Dragons & Magic was published in October 2015. The third of the seven book series Centaurs & Magic was published November 2016. Her novel Corvids & Magic was published March 2017.

Check her out on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook !

Hello! Viewers

You may recognize them as the hosts of our most recent Open Mic, but Avery Richardson and Emily Bateman are hosts of so much more! We're talking about their podcast Hello! Viewers, "a musical conversation podcast for the young, old, hot, cold, happy, sad, and rad at heart."

Emily and Avery have selected this very special episode for the Late Homework audiences:

#4 Crushes with David Carliner-- Who better to ring in Valentine's Day with than local author and lover boy, David Carliner!? No stranger to crushes, David opens up about his longings and plights of E•MO•TION and walking around with a beating heart. We talk John Stamos' hand, 13 Going on 30, and which Martin Scorsese movie gave him an erection. Intrigued? Tune in & tune out!


Listen to the episode on iTunes right here !!

Again, you can listen to the episode on iTunes right here (sorry I can't figure out how to embed the audio. Click the link! You won't be sorry)! 

If you like what you hear, make sure to follow Hello! Viewers on Facebook, and Instagram @helloviewers, and of course subscribe to the pod on iTunes so you never miss an ep!! 

Samuel Kim Photography

LateHW today by Samuel Kim!

"Near the end of last year, I had a weird dream (which I may document soon...) about how I wasn't as creative as I once was in my youth. When the year ended, I made it a goal to try and get back to mah roots. This idea has been on my mind for a bit and these photos are an initial tackle on it. I've always loved the idea of combining two worlds/mediums together and how it can create a vibe from it. For this project, I wanted to combine interesting places I've taken with my camera, combined with my love for anime! Hopefully, in the future I'll learn how to make 3D models and incorporate Gundams...  

I would recommend listening to some lofi hiphop/chillwave/vaporwave/study music (or any Nujabes music) while viewing them!" - SK

Allston final.jpg
luff final.jpg

Check out more of Sam's work on his Instagram!!!