Welcome to Late Homework !

We are excited to start building an artist community with all of you. This month’s theme is “Growing Up” so look out for our featured artists all month who have contributed something towards this theme! If you are interested in submitting projects send us an email at mylatehomework@gmail.com as we are still trying to fill out the tail end of the month.

This Friday, we are hosting a Launch Party/Open Mic featuring performances by our contributing artists. We are giving performance priority to people contributing to the site this month so feel free to send something over to us or we can try to fit you in after.

For a site like this to work we are really open to trying new things and working with new people so feel free to send us an email or message us on Facebook as we are always open to new ideas! Thanks so much and we hope you enjoy the amazing content of our peers and fellow artists. :)


Photo by: Lauren Cabanas.

Photo by: Lauren Cabanas.