Walker Sayen

Our featured Late Homework today: Art by Walker Sayen !

High School Work: The Performance Tarantella, Nostalgia

Recent Work: Scarborough Storyboards (Story Boards for a short film about a family falling apart, told through the eyes of a child)

"In High School I was obsessed with realism. I wanted every line I drew to look perfect. If I thought I messed up I'd scrap everything and start over. I usually was never fully happy.

Then I went to college. I stopped drawing as much. I wished I hadn't.

The only way I kept up the activity of putting pencil to paper was through the occasional storyboard for some short film I was making. But these were only sketches in black and white, without much definition. High School me would have crumpled them up in annoyance. But the funny thing is that even though I wasn't drawing complete pictures, my storyboards taught me to loosen up and be happy with a more freeform approach. Honestly, I think that's what college taught me in general – to not be so hard on myself and maybe, just maybe have a little fun.

For awhile I hated myself for thinking I'd given up on drawing (at least the kind of drawing I did in High School). But the slight hiatus from realism and the transition into storyboard art turned out to be an evolution. It's been said many times, but what's the harm in one more: time puts things in perspective.

So here's to a little time travel" -Walker Sayen.

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