An Empty Wheelchair

Featured LateHW this week: "An Empty Wheelchair", a photo collection by Robert Tiemstra!

"This series of photos was taken in three parts - Fall 2015, Summer 2016, and Winter 2016 - chronicling the atmosphere surrounding a tragic loss in my family. The woman we lost, my Aunt Nellie, is not pictured in these images, just the family surrounding her passing. I wanted to show how this event looked from the eyes of my two nieces (pictured), who barely knew the woman who passed." -RT

Robert is working on an experimental short film, working title "Brain to Foot," based on the life & writings of his late Aunt, Ellinor R. Greene. He also hosts a podcast with his brother entitled "Bros Before Shows," which takes an analytical dive into stage to screen adaptations. Follow him on Instagram & Twitter @the_timestar.