Featured LateHW today: "Cozy" a poem and song by Nick Liam Holmes!

"I find myself often feeling safe inside a past moment. There's a soft magic to a good memory. Not only the happiness in the moment as it happened, but the comfort in knowing no matter how messy adult life can get you still have a place to hide away in for a moment." -NLH


"Things to think about as you listen:

How the grass feels behind you as you lie on it, wet from the recent storm
that knocked out the power in your entire state giving you such a perfect view of the stars from your own back yard. 

The soft crackle of a fireplace in a yard faraway, 
and the suffocating ease it fills your nose with. 
Damp dew, cozy fire, calm heart.

The feeling of her right hand in your left hand and his left hand in your right hand as the three of you lie together with everybody else
but you’re only touching them
the ridges and cracks of their skin against yours.

The fear inside you that in the future you will never be togther in the same way as you are right now.
The contentedness that at least this happened now

Damp dew, cozy fire, calm heart."