End of the Month Wrap Up !


Can we first just say that your hair looks great today?

More important--if you can imagine something more important than your incredible hair--we want to thank you so much for joining us for the first month of Late Homework! We hope you found “Growing Up” as a theme much more enjoyable than actual puberty and are so proud of the community we have started to build.

From the performances at the open mic, to podcasts, to comics, we loved seeing the variety of ways our contributing artists interpreted this theme and were honestly blown away by the amount of submissions we received! Want to catch up? Go to our "Home" page where you can scroll through all of our content from August. Also, look out for our “Exposed” theme next month! In the meantime, feel free to submit your work to the new theme or reach out to us about new project ideas!

Stay artsy!

Rebecca & Shefali