Jennifer Tiedemann

Featured Late Homework: Art by Jennifer Tiedemann.

Comparison (Scratchboard, 2017)

 Jennifer Tiedemann was introduced to scratchboard art by her high school art teacher in 2008; the upper photo in this piece was her first attempt. Later on in the same school year, while recovering from illness, Jennifer began experimenting with a hyper-detailed style to pass the time spent confined to a couch in her family's home. She continued to create scratchboard work every few months throughout high school and college, and began showing her work publicly in mid-2016. The bottom photo is a 2017 piece called The Swamp, which she released as part of a successful application to join the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA). Jennifer specializes in a realistic illustration style with fantasy and horror elements, born from a lifelong fascination with fantasy worlds.