A History of Us

Today's featured LateHW: the short film "A History of Us" by Savannah Power.

"For A History of Us I wanted to focus on the cyclical nature of relationships over time. As the piece travel backwards through time, we start to see that their arguments are built on top of each other, and that while they’re having new fights, they’re still revisiting the same topics and core issues. By the end, the audience knows more about their relationship than they do, which makes it painful to see the male character’s naiveté at the end when he says “I don’t think we’ll be fighting much more”. There’s something about relationships being a “one-take” situation where you can never know the outcome; it’s only when you play it all back in your head that it becomes more clear; that intrigued me.

I feel that complex relationships aren’t often seen on screen - most of the time if a couple argues or has issues they’re “not meant to be” and the audience roots for their relationship’s demise, but in reality it’s much more complex than that. A lot of my recent material focuses on healthy couples that still have fears and doubts and insecurities, but it doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. I wanted to expose the complexities and fears of the average relationship" -SP


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