#TBT ~ Light and Dark Music Videos

We’re switching things up this week and adding Music Videos into the mix.

Shefali’s Picks

Havana, Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug

I asked Rebecca to change the theme to Music Video this week purely so I could write about the Havana video Camila Cabello dropped Tuesday. It is visually very stunning and also follows a crazy, meta plotline--similar to an episode of Jane the Virgin (and not just because of the Telenovela opening!)

What I love about this music video (and Jane the Virgin, Mindy Project, other TV Shows about modern romance) is the idea that it subverts the classic romance story that we grew up seeing. In past films/shows/telenovelas people have gone to extremes to display their affections to each other--even the so called 'realistic' romances are highly stylized unrealistic depictions of what 'love' actually is.

I picked this video for Light & Dark because its reveals the light and dark of romance while also showing what can happen if you hide behind a screen and never go out and experience the world for yourself. What makes this video even better is that it DOES have highly stylized/theatrical moments where the main character is watching herself on her TV at home and in the movie theater--blurring the lines between her imagination, what she wishes she could have, what she wants, and what she really needs/gets in the end.

Blow, Beyonce

Two sexy videos for very early on a Thursday. Be prepared. This is one of my all time favorite videos and is also very visually stunning. I picked it specifically for its insane lighting, but also because of the outfits, visual style, and incredible dance sequences.

I also just wish I could hear the conversation that went down in the Knowles household before: Beyonce to Solange “Hey we’re going to wear 80s clothing and ride mini bicycles” Solange “I’m in.”

Rebecca's Picks

Hello!! I've been feeling a little witchy considering Halloween is right around the corner, so that influenced my picks this time around. S p OOky! 

Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

Leave it to Kate Bush to take a simple concept (her in a white dress in front of a black backdrop) and make it weird and beautiful just by the way she moves her body. On paper it seems very 80s and corny: she's awash in a glowing light, and she's miming being trapped in an invisible box for a good portion of it, and yet she transcends all of that in a way that other artists at the time just can't. This is true for pretty much all Kate Bush videos I've watched.

There were 2 versions of the video for Wuthering Heights. The one above is literally light and dark, which is why I initially picked it, but I'll include the "red dress" version too because I like it more, and to heck with the rules. It's hard to describe, but both versions present a version of beauty that just feels a little off kilter, which makes it more beautiful and entrancing. Kate Bush in general always gives off vibes that play with the mix of light and dark. Her voice is ethereal, but she's singing about gothic literature. She seems witchy, but she's a good witch. 

I Don't Care - Eartha Kitt


This video is a straight up hoot! It never fails to make my day. Again, this is visually light and dark, but it's also a play on good and evil in the sense that Eartha Kitt is a man eating catwoman, but she DOESN'T CARE, and that's why it's so delicious. It also flips the script on the male gaze, sexualizing all the men in the video, who strip down and dance at Eartha's will. 

Eartha Kitt was unapologetically herself, independent, and sexual in a time when that wasn't so acceptable for women, to the extent that her outspokenness got her blacklisted for years. I love that a song that's a big "F**k You" to the haters is accompanied by a completely bonkers music video. Society might label you a witch, a temptress, a monster, but you turn those men into cats and ENJOY IT.