Today on Late Homework we are featuring an episode of Lily Richard's web series, Twenty, entitled "Liz".

When asked about which episode would fit best with our Light & Dark theme,

"I think an episode that would fit well would be episode 9. Its one of the easiest to grasp out of context and it has a good mixture of light and dark in terms of individual relationships. I.e. Good people, bad people, and how no one is really one or the other. It also deals with how people change and how the past informs our decisions and who we try to be," - LR

"My goal for Twenty is to open a doorway for comedies that are relatable to everyone while highlighting the experience of LGBT women in today’s world. As a now 22-year-old proud member of the LGBT community, I wish that something similar to ‘Twenty’ had been available to me when I was growing up" Quote from Lily's Directorial Statement (read the whole statement on Twenty's website).

You can also check out the entire series on Twenty's Youtube Channel.

Reverse Psychology

To kick off our new theme Exposed, Chandler Kilgore-Parshall shared with us the final episode of his web series Reverse Psychology in which an inept psychologist, at risk of losing his practice, exploits his patients’ stories for personal fame.

(Psst! If you want to catch up on the previous episodes first, head over to Funny or Die or Youtube).



“The ideas of reinvention and exposure appeal to me as a writer because you can flesh out what a character wants to be perceived as versus who they truly are, almost like two characters for the price of one. It’s the Yin and Yang of the human condition.

With Reverse Psychology, I love exploring Dr. Xanderhoot’s need to be recognized as successful and personable enough to get his own TV show. Ironically, it is during therapy sessions where his clients are supposed to open up to him. Throughout the series, we slowly unravel Xanderhoot’s insecurities and why he wants a new start. Either you like him or dislike him, but you’ll understand why Xanderhoot is the way he is.”

About Chandler Kilgore-Parshall: Living in Los Angeles, Chandler embarks on a professional career in screenwriting and producing for film and television. 

Chandler has worked at The Jim Henson Company as a Creative Affairs/Development Assistant for scripted programming. In Casting and Pre-Production at 10x10 Entertainment on reality shows like VH1's America's Next Top Model and Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Competition for Youtube. Wanting to create his own content, Chandler has always been passionate about uniquely intimate stories that make people laugh, cry and reflect.


A short by the wonderful Evan Yee, in which a couple awaits the results of a pregnancy test.

"With Kids I wanted to explore the tension two characters could create on their own without any camera movement or editing. Through movement, the rhythm of their speech, and some well placed phone calls, I hope that feeling came across." -EY

Evan Yee is a director/cinematographer currently based in Los Angeles. A long love of creating imaginary worlds and playing with cameras became a passion for filmmaking when watching YouTube and realizing that Asian Americans could also be filmmakers. His senior thesis film at Emerson College Buying Bouquets has played at film festivals in California and New Jersey. After several months of serving as the director of photography for short films, commercials, and music videos, he looks forward to wrapping up his two latest short films in post production.  

You can find more of Evan's work on his Vimeo page.


Our featured film this week is a short by Pamela Mora. Enjoy~


"Ephemeral is an art installation short about a post grad artist who struggles to find her own style. She starts collaborating with her avant garde art professor and as their relationship evolves, so does her art. However, progress comes to a halt when he abruptly abandons the project.

Ephemeral is about not being artistically dependent off people, styles, or teaching methods. At first Linda leans on how she was taught, then she leans on her teacher… It takes pulling the rug out from underneath for her to find her own. 

I wanted to explore themes of abandonment and grief, which aren’t always understandable from the outside looking in. It can feel like relationships aren’t real if there’s no 'proof': no dates, no photos, no Facebook presence, and not much happening physically."

- Pamela Mora