Hello! Viewers

You may recognize them as the hosts of our most recent Open Mic, but Avery Richardson and Emily Bateman are hosts of so much more! We're talking about their podcast Hello! Viewers, "a musical conversation podcast for the young, old, hot, cold, happy, sad, and rad at heart."

Emily and Avery have selected this very special episode for the Late Homework audiences:

#4 Crushes with David Carliner-- Who better to ring in Valentine's Day with than local author and lover boy, David Carliner!? No stranger to crushes, David opens up about his longings and plights of E•MO•TION and walking around with a beating heart. We talk John Stamos' hand, 13 Going on 30, and which Martin Scorsese movie gave him an erection. Intrigued? Tune in & tune out!


Listen to the episode on iTunes right here !!

Again, you can listen to the episode on iTunes right here (sorry I can't figure out how to embed the audio. Click the link! You won't be sorry)! 

If you like what you hear, make sure to follow Hello! Viewers on Facebook, and Instagram @helloviewers, and of course subscribe to the pod on iTunes so you never miss an ep!! 

Mom & Magz!

Our featured podcast this week is episode 1 of Mom & Magz! by comedian and friend Maggie Cannan. It's a listen you won't regret. 

Mom and Magz! is definitely a piece of Late Homework I’ve been hoping to put out for quite some time.  Growing up, and to this day, my mom has been the funniest person I know, and the reason I’ve chosen to pursue comedy.  So, what better way to meld two of my favorite things then to sit down and crack some jokes with my favorite lady!  Through the podcast, I hope for my mom and I to learn more about each other, how we see the world, and the ways in which we continue to grow together.  I’m also hoping that this lil' ol' pod’ might resonate with other badass mom-and-daughter duos out there, and encourage them to sit down, talk, and figure out how to get mom a legal weed card—whoops, spoilers for this episode! Which you should listen to now!

—Magz!  (aka Maggie Cannan, exclamation point)