First Time

LateHW today turned in extremely late by Shefali Vasudevan a short titled "First Time."

"I meant to edit this at the beginning of the month, but got caught up with a million things, so this is more of a 'work in progress web series' if you will. "The Female Gaze" will explore and expose different aspects of the Female brain. When Walker Sayen (d.p.) and I met up to think of style and concept for this piece we wanted to do a play on the classic 'male gaze' trope--men falling in love with women, stalking them, and the whole world thinking this is romantic for some reason!

Anyways, that's how this idea was born. The script itself is based off of something extremely personal to me so ahh okay I'm going to stop talking and let ya'll just watch. Hope you enjoy and feel like you can relate to titular character Jen played by the lovely Camra Godwin! (shout out also to On Shiu as Andy <3 )" - SV

Check out Shefali's work on her Youtube or Vimeo Page and Walker's Vimeo or his current project Scarborough.