Gilmore Dogs

Rebecca Todaro paints the likeness of your favorite side characters from Gilmore Girls over pictures of dogs she salvaged from a vintage dog grooming book in a series called Gilmore Dogs

I'm not 100% sure Gilmore Girls was actually significant to me growing up, or if I just ascribed it that status because I felt it should be on principle. I don't think it shaped who I am as a person, but it was important to me as something my mom and I watched together and bonded over when I was in High School, and it gave us a reason to collectively roll our eyes at my dad when he'd walk in and exclaim "She's supposed to be her mom? She looks like her sister!" (THAT'S KIND OF THE POINT).  

Only recently did I realize that neither of us cared that much about Lorelai or Rory or their rotation of boyfriends (besides that we hated Logan with such a passion that we had to care a little). Ultimately, though, we were in it for the kooky townspeople and accompanying subplots that populated Stars Hollow. Forget the Yale vs Harvard drama! We wanted more of Jackson sleeping in the zucchini patch!

So when buzz about the revival started up last fall, I was a teeny bit resentful that everyone only seemed to be talking about Dean, Jess, and Logan (again, Logan especially can f**k right off). As a result, Gilmore Dogs was a born as a humorous tribute to the oft under appreciated side characters that I grew up loving so much. Now call me when Babette gets her own spin-off!

 - RT

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