Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal - Poetry

More Protest! poetry by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal. Enjoy!

Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the trigger is easy

when one’s mind is wild

and the shot gets the wild

one’s thoughts off his chest.

Innocents bite the dust.

Kindness is not enough.

The minister’s words won’t

bring the widow’s man back.

He tries his best to console.


Who said owning a gun is

a right?  This weapon should

be given up.  There should

be no more bullets made.

A heart cannot repel them.


Draw your own conclusions.

This is your world and mine.

No More 

Spring into action to end

this disillusionment of

hate pumped into the veins

of this country. Who feels

the absence of common

sense? This terrible voice

that is blind to humanity

and decency wishes to

make a wall of hate.


Ladies and gentlemen,

there is only one solution.

We come to the polls in

droves because life as we

hope should be will be

no more. With this next

vote, we can end the hate.


We have all been

socked in the mouth

and in the stomach.


We have all been

kicked in the balls

and in the ass.


The world is about

to be torn apart

and upside down.


Still we need to

remain vigilant

and with open eyes.


This is not a

time to let down.

We need to rise.


Luis was born in Mexico, lives in California, and works in the mental health field in Los Angeles. He is the author of Raw Materials (Pygmy Forest Press), Make the Light Mine (Kendra Steiner Editions), Before and Well After Midnight (Deadbeat Press), The Book of Absurd Dreams (New Polish Beat), Peering Into the Sun (Poets Democracy), Songs for Oblivion (Alternating Current Press), and Everything Is Permitted (Ten Pages Press).  Here is a review for his book, Peering Into the Sun: