There's Nothing Ironic About Show Choir

Featured Late HW today: the latest episode of Raina Deerwater's podcast, There's Nothing Ironic About Show Choir: A Glee Podcast.

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Listen on iTunes: Episode 2.22 "New York" (Feat. Ashley Stauber)

"Despite having grown up without actual television, my teen years were heavily informed by television. Not having gone to a 'normal' high school, there was something fascinating and entrancing about teen TV shows.

A big one for me (and so many others as I've found out) was the 2009-2015 critically acclaimed and critically dragged musical television series GLEE. It's glorious and it's godawful and filled with mind blowing songs and despicable songs and despicable social issues and I haven't met a single person who doesn't have an opinion on it.

I've chosen to spend my relative adulthood going through every episode of this enigma, talking to people about how this show informed our young lives, or how they despised it, or how the cover of 'Faithfully' still makes them cry.

The result is 'There's Nothing Ironic About Show Choir,' a weekly podcast that delves into the songs, the moments, and the lessons of GLEE. I've been doing it for two whole seasons as of today and have no plans of stopping (doing the podcast or believing')," -Raina Deerwater.

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