Sketchpool Episode #1

Late HW today: Episode #1 of "Sketchpool" by Chandler Kilgore-Parshall.

Artist Statement: "Sketchpool" is a comedy collaborative that is 1 part "HitRecord on TV," 50% SNL and a wish on a rabbit's foot. When moving to Los Angeles in 2016, writer/producer Chandler Kilgore-Parshall wanted to collaborate with old friends and new talent in the industry. And laughter is the best medicine of anything and everything!

By offering a theme or premise (that sounds familiar), Chandler and a team of writers go through script submissions and pitches that would be production-ready. It almost becomes a democratic process of what works and what can be shelved for the future. Afterwards, Chandler puts together cast and crews for sketches that have been "green-lit." You can also submit previous work to be shown on the show!

Within Episode One are four unique and creative sketches and a standup showcase that demonstrate the humor and quality of LA's rising stars. From The Eskimo Sisters to Comedian Monique Thomas to Overpopulated Peninsula, SKETCHPOOL WILL BE MAKING SPLASHES IN 2018! 

Got an idea for a sketch? They can help you make it! Contact to receive a comic consultation.