Hello! Viewers

You may recognize them as the hosts of our most recent Open Mic, but Avery Richardson and Emily Bateman are hosts of so much more! We're talking about their podcast Hello! Viewers, "a musical conversation podcast for the young, old, hot, cold, happy, sad, and rad at heart."

Emily and Avery have selected this very special episode for the Late Homework audiences:

#4 Crushes with David Carliner-- Who better to ring in Valentine's Day with than local author and lover boy, David Carliner!? No stranger to crushes, David opens up about his longings and plights of E•MO•TION and walking around with a beating heart. We talk John Stamos' hand, 13 Going on 30, and which Martin Scorsese movie gave him an erection. Intrigued? Tune in & tune out!


Listen to the episode on iTunes right here !!

Again, you can listen to the episode on iTunes right here (sorry I can't figure out how to embed the audio. Click the link! You won't be sorry)! 

If you like what you hear, make sure to follow Hello! Viewers on Facebook, and Instagram @helloviewers, and of course subscribe to the pod on iTunes so you never miss an ep!! 

TBT~ Homage & Music

Well well well. Look who's come crawling back offering opinions and seeking approval! For our first blog post for the new theme (Homage) we saw it fit to write about our favorite song covers. Nothing says "I'm paying respect to your music and talent" like improving upon a revered artist's work in a cooler, more culturally relevant way. Enjoy~

Rebecca's Picks

2017 has been a big year for me and covers. I've listened to Smash Mouth's cover of I'm a Believer every day this year at least once a day, and guess what? I'm not sick of it. Not one bit. And guess what else? You can decide whether or not that's a true fact about me. I'll never tell. Regardless, that would be a pedestrian choice for a blog as prestigious as this, so it is not an official pick. Here are my picks: 

Don't You (Forget About Me)- Smash Mouth

This is a deeper cut from the world of Smash Mouth covers, and a very important one at that. I mean, come ON. Just kidding. That isn't my real pick. Here are my REAL picks: 

Lola - The Raincoats

This is a case of a cover that has usurped the original in my book (Walkman/iPod/Streaming service). Rarely do I listen to "Lola" as performed by The Kinks. Often do I listen to "Lola" as performed by the Raincoats. It's more fun, and feels fresh and modern despite being released in 1979. Give me a low-fi girl band from any era in musical history and I am bound to eat that shit up.

On a slightly deeper level, I love the gender bending lyrics of the song, which are made even more poignant when sung by a bunch of punky young women who chose not to change any of the genders/pronouns from the original in their cover, because that would have been an incredibly SQUARE move. "Girls will be boys and boys will be girls" takes on a deeper meaning, and I'm bringing back the term "square." Get used to it, America! 

Baby I Love You - The Ramones

I went on three month Ramones binge this year, which has made them my number one played Spotify artist of 2017. For a band who's songs rarely exceed 2 minutes, I'd say that's a tremendous feat, and definitely not a reflection on my shortening attention span.

In honor of that, they're my #2 pick. The Ramones have done MANY covers, but this remains the one I go back to again again. It's so corny, but I think I just love the idea of one of the leading banks of the punk scene covering a fun 60s girl group's love song. These are the guys who inspired the Clash to pull themselves together, and they're singing a Ronnette's song! With a voice like Joey's the whole thing could easily read as sarcastic, but honestly whether they intended it or not, the cover feels pretty reverent to me. I will not deny that it's dopey, and I will not deny that the Ramones allegedly hated it, but I will also not deny that I love it. And that's all I have to say about that.  

PLUG: Check out my Spotify playlist of covers featuring many more songs I wish I had time to write about. Curated with suggestions from a variety of people, including Shefali.  


Shefali's Picks

Covers make me think of YOUTUBE. Wow there are so many good ones. I used to watch all of these Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui ones growing up. I used to also actively look for covers of my favorite songs regularly, but nowadays I just stumble across fun ones once in a while.

My current favorite is Julia Jacklin's cover of "Something" by The Strokes. Its got a slowed down beautiful vibe, that maybe I like more than the original?? Or like they're just totally different from each other what am I saying hahaha don't @ me !!!

Back to Kurt and Sam--this was one of my first ever Youtube cover discoveries and it is a cover of Nelly's "Just a Dream" by Kurt, Sam, and Christina Grimmie. I am a huge fan of hers to this day and still want to continue to promote her work. Rest in peace <3

Last one is just an all time favorite--Adele's cover of Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love." 

Emily Bateman

Playlist-maker extraordinaire Emily Bateman put together a soundtrack for your life, called Fleeting Youth. Enjoy it while you gaze upon the accompanying collages she also made, and ponder the years gone by. 

Fleeting Youth

"These pieces encompass the incredible highs (staying out past curfew, the joys of toys) and the extreme lows (anxiety that can come with self discovery; sudden hyper-awareness of money, your body, 'the future', etc.) of growing up. As Ben Folds says, 'Everybody knows it hurts to grow up / But everybody does / The years go on and / We're still fighting it'" - EB

Check out more of Emily's playlists (she does one for each horoscope season) on Spotify!

Mariami Bibilouri

Our featured music this week is by the artist Mariami Bibilouri. Enjoy!

Best Friend

This song is about breaking up w/ BAE and shedding a layer of skin and becoming a new person. It takes that concept (which is rather deep) and makes it fun + light hearted. 

Mariami penned Best Friend as an ode to a love lost. This upbeat summer anthem is a soulful and bubbling testament to her ability to start fresh and growth thick skin when she needs to! Best Friend appeared on her sophomore GATES, which Apple music featured in their 2016 WWDC Keynote.

Mariami’s second EP, VORTEX, is a visceral, atmospheric journey of nostalgia and a progressive exploration of the self—the truest form of the phrase, ‘I am’. Her fusion of Eastern Europe (she is a Georgian native) with a striking urban influence is all too unfamiliar, yet not at all incongruous with today’s sonic palette. Mariami’s voice and total offerings hover over the most popular sounds of our time—she is easily accessible, yet refreshingly out of reach from the mainstream. 

While painting the vivid image of a past life, Mariami experiments in world-bridging as she pairs her Georgian roots with elements of the urban modern.

The Life I Always Fantasized

This song is about immigrating from my country. My family fled a war when the Soviet Union collapsed and this song I wrote for my new EP, Vortex, is about growing up an immigrant, going for my dreams, and feeling different but loving the shoes I'm in.

Check out the rest of Mariami's freshly released EP, Vortex on SoundCloud and learn more at her website.