The Female Gaze Web Series

Co-founder, Shefali Vasudevan, has just released the first two episode of her web series on YouTube entitled The Female Gaze.

“‘The Female Gaze’ follows the lives of two girls in their 20s trying to navigate modern life and love—all filmed from the perspective of the women. ‘The Male Gaze’ is so often talked about in the industry that we thought we’d try and flip the script and also draw reference from Romantic Comedies and Dramas. The main focus, however, remains to be about the female friendship between Jen and Priya that becomes the center of the show,” -Shefali

Watch the first two episode below and subscribe to The Female Gaze’s YouTube for new episodes every Sunday!

Episode 1 “First Time”

“In this episode I wanted to pay homage to the classic ‘man following the girl’ trope used in Romantic Comedies and how this is considered romantic—when in reality its a lot creepier then you think. In this episode we have Jen following Andy, but its really just to tell him that she has feelings for him," - Shefali

Episode 2 “F**kboy”

“This episode at its heart is also about a girl liking a boy. But rumors and pride make Priya (played by myself) and Jerome's moment a little more complicated then Jen and Andy's. I think what's important in this scene is the bold decisions Priya makes and sticks by,” -Shefali

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“Shefali faithfully captures the important role that friendships play in many young women’s lives, however complicated they may be. Navigating the waters of both romantic and platonic love, The Female Gaze is heartfelt, funny, and relatable!! It’s been inspiring to watch Shefali create this series and empower other female filmmakers in our community in the process. You’re gonna love it! “ - Rebecca Todaro