'Three's a Crowd' Webseries Pilot

LateHW Submission today: 'Three's a Crowd' Webseries Pilot by Monisha Dadlani.

Logline: After two girls “accidentally” kill their roommate in a rogue dishwater accident, they cover up her death to stay in their cozy, rent-controlled apartment.

"I've been trying to put together a good statement relating to 'homage,' but to be completely honest, I wrote this webseries because I've had some frustrating moments with roommates throughout the years and instead of killing them with their dirty dishes in real life, I wrote a webseries about it.

It's a dark comedic series about roommates and passive aggressive murder and female friendship. 

We've filmed the pilot and are now looking towards getting funding to film the rest of the series" (MD).

Check out Three's a Crowd's Facebook and Trailer.