Jackie O. - First Gen

We’re excited to share with you a fantastic instagram series created by Jackie O! She explains below:

“I started an Instagram soundbite series called First Gen, which explores the lives and stories of First Generation Americans - Navigating American identity and what it means to be ‘American.’

It’s very early in its inception, but I am hoping to do a series monthly, which focuses on a central topic that asks 3 questions around that central topic. There is then an open submission period for First Gen-ers to submit their soundbites and answers to each question to me via email. I then edit the soundbites and create animated text versions of their answers.”

Check out these episodes from her first season surrounding the topic of Thanksgiving on Instagram!

1/3 Traditions: 


2/3 The Spread:




Want to get involved? Jackie is now accepting submissions for her second season surrounding the topic “Childhood.” If you are a first generation American interested in contributing to Jackie’s project, follow the instructions below!


Don’t forget to follow @otherjackieo on instagram for updates regarding the series! <3

Emily Bateman - Collage and Playlist

Protest! Collage and Playlist today by Emily Bateman.

Scan 1.jpeg

“Protests come in many shapes and sizes. This playlist chronicles those who have come before us and fought for our voices, in every degree. Let these songs get you loud, get you mad--your voice matters!” - EB

“This is also in many ways a response to a playlist I made after the 2016 Election.” - EB

Hello! Viewers

You may recognize them as the hosts of our most recent Open Mic, but Avery Richardson and Emily Bateman are hosts of so much more! We're talking about their podcast Hello! Viewers, "a musical conversation podcast for the young, old, hot, cold, happy, sad, and rad at heart."

Emily and Avery have selected this very special episode for the Late Homework audiences:

#4 Crushes with David Carliner-- Who better to ring in Valentine's Day with than local author and lover boy, David Carliner!? No stranger to crushes, David opens up about his longings and plights of E•MO•TION and walking around with a beating heart. We talk John Stamos' hand, 13 Going on 30, and which Martin Scorsese movie gave him an erection. Intrigued? Tune in & tune out!


Listen to the episode on iTunes right here !!

Again, you can listen to the episode on iTunes right here (sorry I can't figure out how to embed the audio. Click the link! You won't be sorry)! 

If you like what you hear, make sure to follow Hello! Viewers on Facebook, and Instagram @helloviewers, and of course subscribe to the pod on iTunes so you never miss an ep!! 

Musical Corner #2

Musical Corner is back with its second installment (You can check out their first video here)--An homage to last months theme Light & Dark. Okay so this is really just very late homework, but moving on...the concert once again features Natalie Reilley (Violin), Luke Mahoney (Vocals, Piano), Alex Morand (Vocals, Guitar), and Shefali Vasudevan (Vocals, Ukulele). 

“This time around Natalie, Luke, Alex, and I discussed the theme of Light & Dark and came up with an idea of songs that all had to do with one night--from stumbling home after a drunken encounter (Sometime Around Midnight), to falling asleep and having both sweet and turbulent dreams (Sweet Dreams & Dreams), to waking up and getting to start anew (Blue Skies/Wake Up).

We then talked with our Production Designer, Jocelyn Lee, and came up with the bedside theme (and PJs) and worked with D.P., Haley Kreofsky, to decide on the lighting set ups for the different times of the night. So with that, we invite you to stay up all night with us—through drunk encounters, sweet dreams, and blue skies, we hope you enjoy Musical Corner #2!" - Director/Producer, Shefali Vasudevan

Watch the four part Musical Corner #2 playlist below.

Featured Songs:

"Sometime Around Midnight" (The Airborne Toxic Event)

"Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics)

"Dreams" (Fleetwood Mac)

"Blue Skies" (Noah and the Whale)

"Wake Up" (Arcade Fire)


Check out more of Shefali's videos on her YouTube & Vimeo. Also, check out Haley's Vimeo for her Cinematography Reel and Jocelyn's website for her Paper and Set Design.


"$ilk w/ Alysia" - Mariami

Mariami is back to introduce our new theme "Homage" with a collaboration with West Coast artist Alysia called '$ilk.'

"The song came to life this summer when I was staying in Malibu! I met an amazing artist named Alysia from the Bay, we began working together and this song came to life as an empowerment song for women. We channeled the symbolism of female goddesses, what they represent in terms of beauty, grace, nobility, power -- we want our listeners to feel that and channel that for themselves" - Mariami

Check out both Alysia and Mariami's Soundcloud's.