Jackie O. - First Gen

We’re excited to share with you a fantastic instagram series created by Jackie O! She explains below:

“I started an Instagram soundbite series called First Gen, which explores the lives and stories of First Generation Americans - Navigating American identity and what it means to be ‘American.’

It’s very early in its inception, but I am hoping to do a series monthly, which focuses on a central topic that asks 3 questions around that central topic. There is then an open submission period for First Gen-ers to submit their soundbites and answers to each question to me via email. I then edit the soundbites and create animated text versions of their answers.”

Check out these episodes from her first season surrounding the topic of Thanksgiving on Instagram!

1/3 Traditions: 


2/3 The Spread:




Want to get involved? Jackie is now accepting submissions for her second season surrounding the topic “Childhood.” If you are a first generation American interested in contributing to Jackie’s project, follow the instructions below!


Don’t forget to follow @otherjackieo on instagram for updates regarding the series! <3