Mom & Magz!

Our featured podcast this week is episode 1 of Mom & Magz! by comedian and friend Maggie Cannan. It's a listen you won't regret. 

Mom and Magz! is definitely a piece of Late Homework I’ve been hoping to put out for quite some time.  Growing up, and to this day, my mom has been the funniest person I know, and the reason I’ve chosen to pursue comedy.  So, what better way to meld two of my favorite things then to sit down and crack some jokes with my favorite lady!  Through the podcast, I hope for my mom and I to learn more about each other, how we see the world, and the ways in which we continue to grow together.  I’m also hoping that this lil' ol' pod’ might resonate with other badass mom-and-daughter duos out there, and encourage them to sit down, talk, and figure out how to get mom a legal weed card—whoops, spoilers for this episode! Which you should listen to now!

—Magz!  (aka Maggie Cannan, exclamation point)