Musical Corner #2

Musical Corner is back with its second installment (You can check out their first video here)--An homage to last months theme Light & Dark. Okay so this is really just very late homework, but moving on...the concert once again features Natalie Reilley (Violin), Luke Mahoney (Vocals, Piano), Alex Morand (Vocals, Guitar), and Shefali Vasudevan (Vocals, Ukulele). 

“This time around Natalie, Luke, Alex, and I discussed the theme of Light & Dark and came up with an idea of songs that all had to do with one night--from stumbling home after a drunken encounter (Sometime Around Midnight), to falling asleep and having both sweet and turbulent dreams (Sweet Dreams & Dreams), to waking up and getting to start anew (Blue Skies/Wake Up).

We then talked with our Production Designer, Jocelyn Lee, and came up with the bedside theme (and PJs) and worked with D.P., Haley Kreofsky, to decide on the lighting set ups for the different times of the night. So with that, we invite you to stay up all night with us—through drunk encounters, sweet dreams, and blue skies, we hope you enjoy Musical Corner #2!" - Director/Producer, Shefali Vasudevan

Watch the four part Musical Corner #2 playlist below.

Featured Songs:

"Sometime Around Midnight" (The Airborne Toxic Event)

"Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics)

"Dreams" (Fleetwood Mac)

"Blue Skies" (Noah and the Whale)

"Wake Up" (Arcade Fire)


Check out more of Shefali's videos on her YouTube & Vimeo. Also, check out Haley's Vimeo for her Cinematography Reel and Jocelyn's website for her Paper and Set Design.