Emily Bateman

Playlist-maker extraordinaire Emily Bateman put together a soundtrack for your life, called Fleeting Youth. Enjoy it while you gaze upon the accompanying collages she also made, and ponder the years gone by. 

Fleeting Youth

"These pieces encompass the incredible highs (staying out past curfew, the joys of toys) and the extreme lows (anxiety that can come with self discovery; sudden hyper-awareness of money, your body, 'the future', etc.) of growing up. As Ben Folds says, 'Everybody knows it hurts to grow up / But everybody does / The years go on and / We're still fighting it'" - EB

Check out more of Emily's playlists (she does one for each horoscope season) on Spotify!

Mariami Bibilouri

Our featured music this week is by the artist Mariami Bibilouri. Enjoy!

Best Friend

This song is about breaking up w/ BAE and shedding a layer of skin and becoming a new person. It takes that concept (which is rather deep) and makes it fun + light hearted. 

Mariami penned Best Friend as an ode to a love lost. This upbeat summer anthem is a soulful and bubbling testament to her ability to start fresh and growth thick skin when she needs to! Best Friend appeared on her sophomore GATES, which Apple music featured in their 2016 WWDC Keynote.

Mariami’s second EP, VORTEX, is a visceral, atmospheric journey of nostalgia and a progressive exploration of the self—the truest form of the phrase, ‘I am’. Her fusion of Eastern Europe (she is a Georgian native) with a striking urban influence is all too unfamiliar, yet not at all incongruous with today’s sonic palette. Mariami’s voice and total offerings hover over the most popular sounds of our time—she is easily accessible, yet refreshingly out of reach from the mainstream. 

While painting the vivid image of a past life, Mariami experiments in world-bridging as she pairs her Georgian roots with elements of the urban modern.

The Life I Always Fantasized

This song is about immigrating from my country. My family fled a war when the Soviet Union collapsed and this song I wrote for my new EP, Vortex, is about growing up an immigrant, going for my dreams, and feeling different but loving the shoes I'm in.

Check out the rest of Mariami's freshly released EP, Vortex on SoundCloud and learn more at her website.